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About Us

I'm glad you're here! I'm Kristin, and my husband Alex and I have always been inclined to travel. We are a family of four that enjoys budget-friendly travel and visiting off the beaten path destinations that most families may find unconventional for a family trip. While we have a deep love for international travel, we did decide to build a home-base in North Central Washington after traveling full-time for a year in 2021-22. 


Travel has always been at the core our our relationship. Alex and I originally met at a bar, while both working abroad in China in 2005, and the rest you could say, is history! Since marrying in 2008, we have made it a goal to travel to an international destination at least once a year. Some years, we have exceeded that goal. Prior to starting a family, we spent three months backpacking in Southeast Asia, exploring western India, and renting a camper to experience the Black Forest & Swiss Alps in Europe, just to name a few.

Travel and exploration continued to be an integral part of our family's genetics. After having our first child, Clara, we continued to travel abroad, crossing destinations like Costa Rica, Montenegro and Croatia off our list. When our son, Connor, joined us in 2016, our travel tribe had an epic year during Kristin's maternity leave, traveling to Cuba for a week, and spending a month in Portugal & Spain.

While we slowly continue to tick new destinations off our list, the list  simultaneously continues to grow with new possibilities.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020-21, it opened up a new opportunity that we never imagined possible - a year of full-time travel! We sold our house in Alberta in April 2021, loaded up all our possessions into a cargo trailer, and started a nomadic journey at the end of June 2021. We traveled at a medium pace visiting 19 different countries, over 5 continents and put on thousands of miles as we road tripped across several countries over a year-period. It was a year of incredible and priceless experiences for our young family that we documented here on the blog. 


Upon arriving back from our international travels, we spent the next 6 months visiting & searching out for our next home base. We ended up deciding to live in North Central Washington on the east side of the Cascades where we have access to several outdoor recreational opportunities. 

While we are eager to explore all that our new home base offers, we are also eager to continue traveling abroad whenever possible. 

Alex, Kristin, Clara & Connor


Photo Credit: Deanne Smith Photos + Design @deannesmith_creative

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