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Kalkan, Turkey & Kaputas Beach

Kalkan is a town built on the hillside - starting at the marina the houses come up the mountainside overlooking the harbour. Our Airbnb had an incredible view of the town below as our place was one of the houses toward the top. Plus, it had an amazing balcony to enjoy the view. Our host was extremely helpful and nice, even meeting us at the Carrefour to guide us up to the place. The Airbnb was extremely well prepped as well - I love it when they have clothes pins, soap for dishwasher and laundry!

Laundry Challenges

One of the first items of business at this Airbnb was laundry. We had only brought along about 8 outfits per individual for the trip, so our clothes inventory was running low. However, the washing machine was all in Turkish, so I spent a good 20 minutes using Google Translate trying to figure out what the different buttons meant and how to get it going... ha ha! Like most other places in Europe, there is no dryer so we used the clothes line off the balcony. The clothes dried quite quickly in the hot sun!

Kaputas Beach

About 5 kilometres away is Kaputas beach. It’s an iconic beach in Turkey and is located at the bottom of a series of stairs. It is a government run beach, so there is a slight fee to go, but they rent umbrellas/chairs, have bathrooms and showers and a little café there as well. The cost was relatively cheap; for the umbrella and admission it was only 20 TL or about $4 CDN. The water was warm; although not quite as warm as Antalya, but still so refreshing. They say that you can swim in the ocean 9 months out of the year here and the coolest the water gets is 16 C! That’s pretty incredible coming from Canada - ha ha!

We had a great time at the beach and the umbrella was perfect to give us some breaks from the sun. The kids enjoyed playing in the sand and they found a large rock just along the shoreline. The rock had algae growing on it, so the kids quickly discovered that a portion of it made a fantastic slide. That kept Connor entertained for quite a while - along with getting some rocks to slide down the larger rock. The beach is most made up by the really fine grain rocks - there were only a few of large ones. Alex taught Connor rollers too - where they sit on the edge and wait for the wave to break to bring them in. Then the rest of the time at the beach he would occasionally be seen laying and rolling on the sand.

We also met a Turkish couple from Istanbul who was on holidays here. She loved kids, so Clara quickly made a new friend! We tried to learn a few Turkish words from them, but the language is tough and has some different sounds in it compared to English.

After some fun in the sun, we headed back to the Airbnb for some naps and dinner. We headed to the harbour after dinner and had some ice cream and park time!



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