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Final Countdown to Vagabond Status

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

As of this morning we are officially vagabonds! Which only means that we are closer to departing for our 3 month adventure. We've given up the daily grind (at least for 3 months...) to explore the hidden depths of Southeast Asia. We'll be traveling with only a backpack on our backs, a few books and no defined itinerary; including NO curling iron for Kristin! We plan to explore the unique cultures and places of this region of the world. Follow along on our epic journey as we see where “the wind" takes us!

Kristin and her mom spent most of New Year's Eve day cleaning out the apartment and loading the last bits into the storage unit since Alex had to work. Our New Year's Eve celebration was pretty uneventful since we were in the middle of the move - we celebrating New Year's Eve on the East Coast and then were in bed by 11:10 p.m., but we figured that we'd have plenty of time to celebrate the New Year within the next 3 months. Now that we are moved out and are staying at Kristin's parents' house, we just have to finalize the last details before we depart on Tuesday morning from Omaha. Many people we tell about the trip ask, "Why Southeast Asia?" We decided to go because we both love to travel and have a strong liking for Asia, since after all that's where we met. But we also realize this time in our life is the best time to travel for an extended period of time before we get tied down with a house, careers, etc. Kristin was lucky enough to get a 3-month leave of absence from her work, so it will provide some stability when we return. We are really looking forward to the cultural experiences we will encounter. But besides the cultural aspects and food, one of the parts we are most excited about is the extreme change of temperature that we will experience! We will be leaving single-digit temperatures to go Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam where it is currently 80-90 degrees F. This winter in Nebraska we have already been hit hard with two big snowstorms, including being snowed-in on Christmas Day. Moving out in the snow was difficult enough, especially since we couldn't move our furniture into the storage unit earlier this week because the snowed hadn't been plowed out yet. Based on this experience we have vowed never to move out in the winter months again!

The next few days we'll be preparing for our trip, but to give you an idea of what we'll be doing the next 3 months, here is a rough itinerary: Jan. 5th - Depart Omaha / Arrive San Francisco in the morning (visit friend) Jan. 6th - Depart San Francisco / Arrive Tokyo (Jan. 7) Jan. 7th-12th - Check-out Tokyo Jan. 12th - Depart Tokyo / Layover in Seoul, S. Korea / Arrive Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam Our tentative plan is to spend about 3 weeks in Vietnam as we head north, across Laos for a few days and into Thailand for another 3 weeks or so. Then we'll try to head down to Malaysia and Singapore before catching a flight back to Ho Chi Minh. However, this is just a rough schedule, as our plans may change as we go along. March 20th - Depart Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam / Arrive Tokyo (March 21) March 21st-April 1st - Travel to southern parts of Japan April 1st - Depart Tokyo / Arrive San Francisco April 2nd - Depart San Francisco / Arrive back in Omaha

Stay tuned to our blog to see where we actually end up!

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