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Costa Rica | Exploring Off the Resort

As mentioned in our last post, we stayed at the Andaz Pennisula Papagayo Resort for a week in February (35 minutes from Liberia). While we did enjoy the beautiful resort, we also took the opportunity to go explore places off the resort, which our rental car helped us to do.

Santa Rosa National Park

We drove to the National Park, which is a Tropical Dry Forest - one of the last remaining ones in the world. It was the dry season, which is from mid-November to April for most of Costa Rica. Therefore, we were right in the middle of it, so the forest was very dry. It was definitely hot though!

Palo Verde National Park Jungle Cruise

We took a boat ride along the river in the National Park, seeing the wetlands. There was so much wildlife. We saw white-faced monkeys, howler monkeys, crocodiles, Macaw, iguanas, lizards, bats and all kinds of other birds.

Afterwards, we had lunch with some traditional Costa Rican food at a little farm house restaurant.

Tamarindo Beach

We drove out to this well-known Costan Rican beach, which is a popular surfing spot. Clara enjoyed playing in the sand.

Cortez Waterfall

We took a drive to Cortex Waterfall and upon arriving took a short hike to get to the falls. It was a beautiful, picturesque waterfall. We spent some time exploring the waterfall, went swimming, checked out the little fish in the water and even saw a monkey in the tree nearby.


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