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Colorado Waterfalls - Rifle Falls State Park

As we continued eastbound, we took a little detour off of I-70 and headed up to Rifle Falls State Park. It was $9 for our vehicle to enter the Park and we spent a couple hours at the park hiking and checking out the caves and falls. We wanted to get the kids some movement and exercise out of the truck so we took the hiking path. It was a fairly simple and straightforward hiking path that started in the walk-in campsite area and then headed up along the little stream near the rock ledge.

However, there is also the option to skip that portion of the hike and just head straight to the Caves & Falls area.

Caves & Waterfalls

When we arrived at the caves and waterfall portion of the park, we followed the trail that checked out the caves first. We went in and out of the caves; seeing what we could discover around each corner. Then the trail ascended up and we could start to hear the water. We rounded the corner and the falls were right in front of us with all their majesty. It was an amazing sight with several falls flowing in front of us. In a way it reminded us of a mini Plitvice National Park in Croatia.

We were very impressed with this little gem that proved to be a good pit stop!


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