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Algarve | Fun at the Pool & Amazing Viewpoint Hike

We spent our first full day in the Algarve, and for the most part it was pretty relaxing. We're staying at the Baia da Luz and it is great accommodation in Luz, Portugal (nearby Lagos). Our apartment has 2 separate levels, 3 bathrooms and 3 different balconies - basically one of each for each member of our family. Luz is a little less than 3 hours drive from Lisbon.

Swimming Pool

We went to the pool in the morning; although unfortunately, we didn't get the scorching hot days like we did in Lisbon as it was only around 22 C today. However, the kids pool was heated so it wasn't too bad and the kids really seemed to enjoy it! They also have a great playground near the pools so we took advantage of that in the afternoon.

Steep Hike for a View

However, in the late afternoon we decided to go for a hike up to the look-out point near our resort, which was the Marco Geodésico da Atalaia trail. We only had 1 baby carrier, so we thought we would take along our BOB stroller as it would be a tough hike for our daughter. Just as we passed the beach, which was the start of the trail, our daughter fell asleep in the stroller. Swimming and playing was pretty exhausting. We continued on and then soon realized it was a lot steeper than it looked! About a third of the way up the hill my calves were burning from pushing the stroller!

The initial push up the hill....

Stopping for a drink and a little rest.....

Switching out with running shoes just weren't cutting it with lack of traction!

The craziest part of the summit - the BOB powered through! I feel like I need to send them a testimonial!!


View of the coastline...

Heading down - Two Thumbs up!!

At the bottom documenting our journey - we summited at the monument at the top. Whew - made it!


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